…a profound set of processes which assist the subconscious mind to re-write self-limiting subconscious programs (beliefs) into life-enhancing subconscious programs (beliefs). The focus of PSYCH-K®  is directed at changing beliefs held in the subconscious mind. Our beliefs are the predecessors of all behaviors, feelings and interpretations we experience in our life.


Many people find self-limiting beliefs create self-sabotaging behaviors. Such behaviors covertly affect one’s ability to be successful in business and personal relationships. These invisible issues are often the ruling programs that silently lead people to despair, frustration and exasperation in their lives.

PSYCH-K® allows you to quickly and painlessly change subconscious beliefs that are limiting the full expression of your potential in life, as a spiritual being having a human experience. This includes your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

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PSYCH-K® is a unique and direct way to change subconscious beliefs that perpetuate old habits of thinking and behaving that you would like to change. 


People can learn how to change their subconscious programming at the first indication of a challenge, thus creating a different outcome.

When you rewrite the software of your mind, you change the printout of your life… and the world!

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Many people look for fast or immediate relief from whatever is bothering them without ever understanding why the challenge is present in the first place. PSYCH-K® may offer immediate results in some circumstances. In other circumstances it may take some time to unravel the challenges and several sessions may be needed to get the desired result.


PSYCH-K® is most effective for people who are really committed to getting results. It is best suited for people who are highly self-responsible and determined. Using the processes may require confronting frustrating, uncomfortable or unpleasant beliefs we hold about others or ourselves. It is best suited for people who are curious and willing to approach their life with openness and a loving desire to change. PSYCH-K® calls us to step into our personal power and confront that which we may have been running from for a long time. If you’re ready to change, PSYCH-K® can work wonders in your life!




…a process designed to create balanced communication with both hemispheres of the cerebral cortex. This “Whole-Brain State” is ideal for reprogramming the subconscious mind with new self-enhancing beliefs that support your goals rather than block them!



PSYCH-K®  is a helpful resource and may offer benefits for many physiological, psychological, and spiritual concerns. It is NOT a substitute for medical diagnosis, drug therapy, surgery, radiation, or other conventional medical interventions or mental health assistance. Proper medical exams and diagnostic evaluations by your physician or other mental health professionals are an important aspect for wellbeing. PSYCH-K® is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs and their relationship to wellbeing.

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Glory Ann Penington

PSYCH-K® Facilitator


for a complimentary initial PSYCH-K session if you are: 

You May
Be Eligible

  • A Military Veteran

  • Taos Police, Fire, or Search & Rescue personnel

  • Taos Emergency Medical Services personnel

  • A Taos Ski Valley Avalanche Team member

  • A Taos Cancer Support client

  • A Taos Whole Community Health patient

Is This You?

Rewrite the subconscious beliefs that keep you in a state of perceived trauma and stress, and replace them with feelings of peace and contentment.  


Just fill out the Intake Form on the Appointments page and I will call you to set up a time that works best for you.  If you have qualification questions, please call me at 575.779.5415. 


As a Taos resident who cares about the wellbeing of this community, helping another in the manner that PSYCH-K has helped me is my way of giving back!

– Glory

My PSYCH-K® session with Glory was an eye-opener! I was amazed at how much we were able to mutually understand about my current self during our session. As a psychologist I automatically approach a new way of understanding with a bit of skepticism. My experience with Glory eliminated all my fears. I had done my research on PSYCH-K® and watched the videos she recommended (which really helped!). However, the session itself illustrated how closely my heart, mind and body is connected on a daily basis. As a result, I have found myself being more mindful about how much I restrict or give myself permission to experience my own thoughts and feelings. It helped me with a new way to think about how I use words connected to “should” and “could”. Ultimately, I am learning to be kinder to myself. Thank you Glory and thank you, PSYCH-K®! 



Faculty, Virginia

My session with Glory was a joy.  I have found deep comfort from the healing process she led me through regarding a lingering grief from the ending of a relationship.  She led me through the process of creating finely worded statements that were used during the session, and which I reread every morning.  I happen to love applied kinesiology (muscle testing), and Glory uses it with skill and sensitivity.  I am feeling a deep comfort from honoring all my feelings as well as the exciting possibilities of the “greater good” that is emerging.  I highly recommend Glory as an intuitively skilled medicine woman healer. 



from Pilar, NM

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