Glory Ann Penington

PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Glory Ann Penington

PSYCH-K® Facilitator


Photography has been a part of my life since the age 10 ~ and of course in Taos, you can’t take a bad picture! During COVID restrictions I delved deeper into the creative well and discovered the new passion of painting in oils.  You're invited to see through my lens of life and peruse my paintings and photos at

​After the proverbial 40 years of wandering the States, I finally have arrived where I knew I was always meant to be ~ Taos.  It has been in Taos that PSYCH-K® literally found me; after a series of synchronistic events, my new neighbors turned out to be Rob Williams,  Originator of PSYCH-K®, and his wife Raes! I met them the day I returned from a train trip to my Kansas City hometown to visit my 100+ year old Dad ~ the last time I ever saw him alive.  That spur-of-the moment visit to Dad turned out to be a life-changing event… the train I was on derailed in the middle of Kansas in the middle of the night.* After being double-concussed and knocked out for 30+ minutes, as I crawled out of my overturned railcar I had a very clear understanding of just how my subconscious was directing my body to act in the best interest of keeping me alive.

However, this event was not without ensuing difficulties, such as startlement at bright lights, loud noises, especially scraping metal, hyper-vigilance ~ what will be the next emergency? ~ and word-finding.  I was determined not to live the rest of my life with PTSD in reaction to an event that was no longer happening ~ not every loud noise is a train wreck! ~ but wasn’t exactly sure how to quell that reaction.  Raes very kindly offered to let me experience PSYCH-K® and Balance for the stress that was still occurring… Although I’m still not fond of loud noises, when heard I no longer hit the floor and hide under the nearest object with tears streaming down my face!

This amazing and quick turn-around prompted me to take the Basic PSYCH-K® with Rob when it was offered along with guest Jurriaan Kamp, at the Optimist Retreat in Taos (2016).  After seeing Rob facilitate a demonstration with similar results, with a Vietnam veteran who had lived for years with stress and guilt from war time experiences and the ensuing loss of a brother, it was clear that a new door and direction had opened for me.  I quickly followed up with the Advanced Integration, Health and Wellbeing, and Master Facilitation workshops. I relish watching my family, friends and clients experience the self-empowerment that I did, quickly changing their self-limiting beliefs to ones that help them fulfill their highest purpose.

Previous Background Experiences

I am honored to have also assisted the PSYCH-K® Family with administrative and coordinating tasks, bringing more than twenty years of experience in similar service to non-profits from the coast of Oregon to the coast of Maine.  


With great humility I offered these skills in service to the PSYCH-K® community, with the intention and hope of increasing coordination and communication among all who work so hard for self-empowerment and thereby global evolution.

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Western Oregon University and taught for several years, always wishing I could bring more to the children than was allowed by the educational system. I have also owned and operated several businesses, so have a clear understanding of the challenges and rewards entrepreneurial spirits enjoy!  

Marketing experience includes directing the marketing program for the State of Maine, providing technical marketing assistance to small manufacturers, and producing the New England Products Trade Show ~ doubling both the number of participating states and attendees in a three year period.

Acting as Director of Marketing and Communications for Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey (KCFAA), the official second home of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York, I was responsible for all of KCFAA’s brand development, strategic marketing, publications and media relations.  Furthermore I delighted in serving as the organization’s staff photographer and visually capturing KCFAA’s vision of ‘a diverse community united by dance’.

What ‘a long strange trip it’s been’ ~ and no doubt will continue to be!

Train Wreck!

We’ve all been in one ~ whether it’s relationship, job or health.  When I was in an actual Amtrak derailment in 2016, it became very apparent why that term is used for a traumatic event…


… Coming to consciousness with my head against the glass window, my first observation was that there was grass pressed right up against the glass.  The surreal knowledge that the railcar had flipped onto its side was overridden by the screams of a fellow passenger who was so injured that he had to be LifeFlighted out.  Time to Get Out and Get Help…

  • That train ‘tiara’ has roared through my head many nights since. 

  • The pin-piercing headaches retreat unless I spend too many hours on the computer.

  • The suture earring says ‘You will heal ~ eventually’.

  • And the green triage ribbon says 'You are Okay ~ it could've been worse.'

Of course, when I look in the mirror, there is some part of me that recognizes the 16 year old girl in the New Orleans street artist portrait.  She still lives in my heart, and she says to me:

You… Are… Okay.