The 'secret of life' is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives. PSYCH-K® is a set of simple, self-empowering processes to changes your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level.


Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Author of The Biology of Belief, 

Spontaneous Evolution, and The Honeymoon Effect

My collision with PSYCH-K® put me on a course that has not only changed me internally by using it, but is now the compass that will guide my specialty for studying, researching and teaching for the rest of my days on this planet.


Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D.

Executive Director,

Center for Cognitive Enhancement


PSYCH-K® is a set of principles and processes designed to change subconscious beliefs that limit the expression of your full potential as a spiritual being having a human experience.


Rob Williams,

Originator of PSYCH-K®

I was surprised by the results of PSYCH-K®. Bringing one thing back into balance causes many others to follow. The result is more than I expected.



in El Prado, NM

Glory has been a blessing to work with. From the very first call, her lighthearted laughter and easygoing personality made the whole process comfortable and fluid. During our sessions together she blends a seamless balance of guided direction with enough room to go with the flow on things that have come up in my own subconscious shifts. In the weeks following our sessions, I've felt a greater sense of spiritual connection and physical discipline in my daily life. This has led to higher amounts of productivity and trust that my life path is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to be. I would highly recommend working with her and her experience

with PSYCH-K®.



in Glorieta, NM

I was unsure that PSYCH-K®  would be able to assist with a very particular and unusual mind pattern I adopted as a child. However, within five minutes in Glory's presence, I knew that she was on board, motivated, and determined to use her skills to help me. Together we created a saying that reprogrammed my thinking and allowed me to let go of a forty year pattern. I am eternally grateful for Glory's assistance and cannot recommend her enough. 



from Ranchos de Taos, NM

My PSYCH-K® session with Glory enabled me to release some very angry and negative mind conversations that were consuming my energy and thoughts. I'm usually a positive, cheerful person so this mental dark cloud was driving me crazy.  Using some simple but penetrating processes, Glory guided me to a place of neutral energy and I was able to view the situation and conflict without anger. I found my real self again.



in Taos, NM

My PSYCH-K® session with Glory was an eye-opener! I was amazed at how much we were able to mutually understand about my current self during our session. As a psychologist I automatically approach a new way of understanding with a bit of skepticism. My experience with Glory eliminated all my fears. I had done my research on PSYCH-K® and watched the videos she recommended (which really helped!). However, the session itself illustrated how closely my heart, mind and body is connected on a daily basis. As a result, I have found myself being more mindful about how much I restrict or give myself permission to experience my own thoughts and feelings. It helped me with a new way to think about how I use words connected to “should” and “could”. Ultimately, I am learning to be kinder to myself. Thank you Glory and thank you, PSYCH-K®! 



Faculty, Virginia

My session with Glory was a joy.  I have found deep comfort from the healing process she led me through regarding a lingering grief from the ending of a relationship.  She led me through the process of creating finely worded statements that were used during the session, and which I reread every morning.  I happen to love applied kinesiology (muscle testing), and Glory uses it with skill and sensitivity.  I am feeling a deep comfort from honoring all my feelings as well as the exciting possibilities of the “greater good” that is emerging.  I highly recommend Glory as an intuitively skilled medicine woman healer. 



from Pilar, NM